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Church Tax and Payroll Support

September 16, 2010

At Clergy Financial Resources, we think our tax and payroll support is just as important as our other services. We offer support plans in many forms and it starts with our very first conversation with you. We give you all the information you need, quickly and conveniently.

Church Support has become the most valuable tax and payroll resource for today’s religious organizations. This unlimited annual support service is designed to address questions relating to clergy taxes, payroll and compensation plans for clergy and other staff members.

With this new innovative annual support plan, you no longer need to concern yourself with incurring endless charges at a hourly rate. We have simplified the process, one rate per year, UNLIMITED CALLS.

Ministers are treated differently under the tax code which creates some tax and payroll advantages and disadvantages. We have an unparalleled tax expertise on the complex issues associated with clergy income tax, church payroll and clergy compensation. Sixty percent of churches do not follow the IRS requirements for clergy compensation, housing allowance and fringe benefits.

As trusted advisors we can work as partners, offering valuable advice on all your tax, payroll and financial needs. Along with a tradition of serving clergy and religious organizations with competence, integrity and objectivity.

Clergy Financial Resources has always been the leader in the religious community and our products and services are the latest in the new generation of innovation. This action characterizes our promise to meet your need in today’s changing marketplace.

For more information about Church Tax and Payroll Support visit:


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