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Easy W-2 Filing for Clergy & Church Staff is a Click Away

December 30, 2010

The year is wrapping up and we’re ready to make W-2 filing easy! When your year-end data is ready, enter it on W2 data screen.

Then relax! We’ll do the rest. Let us e-file, print and mail recipient copies and send you a confirmation that it’s all done. W-2s have never been easier!

$15.95 per employee

$15.95 per employee

W-2 Pricing includes:

  • E-file of federal copy
  • Print and mail recipient copies
  • PDF of payer copy
  • Filing confirmation via email

Responsibility of your church

  • Save or print the PDF payer copy for records


What is a W-2?
Form W2 reports earnings and withholdings for an employee of a church. A W2 form must be provided to the employee and a copy mailed or e-filed to the SSA (Social Security Administration).

Why do I file a W-2?
The IRS requires that all income is reported by churches and individuals for tax purposes. Failure to do so can result in penalties.

Where do I file a W-2?
We do all the work for you and everything is SSA approved! Start Filing W-2>>

Who needs to file a W-2?
Churches must report wages paid to clergy and employees, income taxes withheld, Medicare and Social Security taxes and other applicable withholdings.

When do I file a W-2?
W2 forms are required to be mailed to the recipient by Jan. 31, and e-filed with the SSA by Mar. 31, or a paper copy mailed to the SSA by Feb. 28 each year.

How much does it cost?
With Clergy Financial Resources, each W-2 form is only $15.95, which includes e-filing with the SSA, plus printing and mailing of the recipient copies.


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