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Welcome to the Clergy Tax Law Blog. Our goal is to provide today’s clergy the latest tax and financial information. The blog is published by Clergy Financial Resources, the only national accounting and finance organization serving churches and clergy since 1980. Clergy Tax Law Blog and Clergy Tax Net are divisions of Clergy Financial Resources which has a very strong commitment to the religious community.

As trusted tax and finance advisors we can work as partners, offering valuable advice on all your tax, payroll and financial needs. Along with a tradition of serving churches and clergy with competence, integrity and objectivity. Our clergy tax professionals can sort out the complexity of your tax return or church payroll. Without even knowing it, you may be losing out on the best tax filing strategies. We will sort out the questions and simplify your tax filings and do all the tedious work that eats up your valuable time.

Churches, clergy and ministry leaders must understand the clergy tax law challenges and recognize the need for industry specialists.

Clergy Financial Resources has always been the leader in the religious community and our products and services are the latest in the new generation of innovation. No matter where you reside, we are available to serve you.

To learn more about our services, please visit the links below:

Tax Preparation

Mortgage Financing

Church Payroll

Clergy/Church Tax Law Products


Clergy should not view this information as a substitute for professional advice. This information is subject to change, due to administrative rulings or interpretations and or technical corrections by the IRS.  If legal advice or other expert assistance is required, the services of a competent clergy tax professional person should be sought.

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